Red Door and Doctor Robert

Saturday Nov 30, 2002

by Catherine Barr

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"A long, long time ago, I can still remember, how that music used to make me smile." Well stand back Don McLean, live music is back with a vengeance on the North Shore thanks to the gang at the Red Door Nightclub. General manager Rory Barlow and promotions manager Whitney-John Stuart have taken the old Montana's bar to new heights with the addition of live cover bands and original local bands who rock the house every week. Thanks to the stylish new renovations, this club could easily become the Commodore ballroom of shore. On Nov 30, Kenton Fuller and his band Doctor Robert warmed up the audience with some great originals. Then, R&B Conspiracy got things grooving with their awesome "Committments" like stage show. If you haven't been to the club yet, get down there, you're really missing out. Check them out on the web at

PICT0020 Drummer Kris Koerner pounded out the beat for his band, Doctor Robert.
PICT0021 Doctor Robert rocked the house at the Red Door nightclub.

"It's the best change we've had in a while," said Red Door bartender Sean Newman about all the live bands that are playing at the club.

PICT0025 Former WV teacher and keyboard player Chris Geogas heads up the band R&B Conspiracy (left) along with guitarist Michael Toth, drummer Jesse Godin and Paul Iverson.
PICT0027 Providing sexy vocals for R&B Conspiracy were Deborah Vigh (left), Shannon Soper and Samantha Shaw.
PICT0033 Doctor Robert band members Kenton Fuller (left), Brad Graham and Dave Dick gave a great show performing some of the best original material I've heard in a long time.
PICT0039 Guarding the door at the door. Chris Lee (left) and Sean Lightburn are always happy to greet guests and keep lineups orderly.
PICT0040 Hostess Leslie Cox and promotions manager Whitney-John Stuart are great party planners who welcome awesome original and cover bands to the shore.

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