Hollyburn Ladies Christmas Tennis

Thursday Dec 5, 2002

by Catherine Barr

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THOSE wild and wacky gals at Hollyburn have done it again. The 8th Annual Charity Christmas Round Robin took place earlier this month and, as usual, it was a great morning of sport and fun as the women get together, dressed in their Yuletide best and hit the courts for the kids. Bringing a gift for a boy or a girl is only part of what they do as they spread good cheer all round. A special luncheon and bingo game is held after the tournament, but thanks to the spirit of giving, no one really goes home empty-handed.

PICT0024 Katherine Ives (left) rubbed noses with Julie Hofman's lightbulb red Rudolph snout.
PICT0028 Tennis pros Tony Macken (left), Tessa Ainge and Audie Wong get a chance to let loose and have fun this morning as well.
PICT0029 Carlota Lee cuddled up to tennis pro Deon Kruger who was only too happy to play Santa Clause for the ladies.
PICT0032 Bingo winner Sharon Morrisroe (left) enjoyed her lunch with gal pals Jill Woodman and Janet Canning.
PICT0033 Patricia Smith (left), Maureen Giefing, Lynda Wrigley and Mollie Anthony are happy to support the kids. They even held their own hostess party later providing even more toys for boys and girls.
PICT0034 Tennis pro Deon Kruger buries himself in all the gifts that were generously donated.

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