Esso Christmas Party

Monday Dec 9, 2002

by Catherine Barr

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KARIM Chandani and his North Shore Esso employees are always out there raising money for good causes. This Christmas, they turned their company party into an exercise of love and generosity for the Esmaili Walk/United Way Success by Six charity. On Monday Dec. 9, the Esso gang headed to GM Place to a private suite to cheer on their Canucks, exchange gifts and have fun. The night raised over $1,000 for the charity. The money was based on the amount of goals and assists that Todd Bertuzzi (one of the gang's favourite players) has scored so far. Next, it's the Esso Friends and Family Skate on Dec. 30 at Ice Sports in Seymour. If you come on down, who knows who you might see from the Canucks.

PICT0011 The Chandani family donned their Santa hats and cheered for the home team. From left: mom Shala, son Adam, daughter Jalisa and the big tiger himself, daddy Karim.
PICT0013 Ex B.C. Lions football player Kevin Konar (left) came to the party with charity sponsor David Negrin from Concord Pacific and Victor Logan.
PICT0016 Aleem Kara (left) and Mark Abijero are a proud part of the Esso team.
PICT0017 Chris Pillinger and Stephanie Sieben were caught under the mistletoe. The kiss was good luck causing a Vancouver goal.
PICT0019 The entire gang wasn't shy about cheering on their favourite Canuck. Todd Betuzzi's goals and assists were the reason the charity has raised over $1,000 thus far.

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