Election Night Parties and Mulgrave Harry Potter

Nov 21, 2002

by Catherine Barr

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SO here I am, ready to start a new column about parties, people, places and faces and I find myself talking about politics. But then it occurred to me, people might not know what happens after the polls close on election night (what did you think I was talking about). So let's start off by dispelling the rumour that our elected officials are a real boring bunch. The truth is, they know how to let loose and practice some real party politics. All three North Shore incumbent Mayors were re-elected and the parties began around 9 p.m. Mayor Ron Wood held his celebration at his Marine Drive campaign office which was overflowing with well-wishers very early on. West Van Chamber president Dina Zeitler was there as was lawyer David Thomas. Former Jim Pattison front man John Moonen, who is now a full-time political consultant, wasn't selling Ron his services just yet but was among the throng who cheered as the Mayor entered the room. Ron's family, including wife Jo-Ann and his children, were there too as was the Jaye family. Husband and wife Ryan and Shalan Jaye hob-nobbed with Ryan's grandparents. Other supporters, like Roger Latta, Chez Michel restaurant owner Michel Segur, and BC Utilities' Rob Pellat also raised a glass in honour of the occasion. The award for most popular councillor in West Van went to Bill Soprovich who, along with wife Susanne, continues to win the hearts of voters on both side of the density issue (is it too early to tell you he wants to be the next West Van mayor)??

Next, re-elected Mayor Barb Sharp partied in a room with a view at Cheers restaurant in North Van City with her friends and family. Handsome hubby/firefighter Brian was there as was her mom and sister. Long-time councillors Barbara Perrault and Darrell Mussatto walked away with the most council votes here proving their popularity among voters. Perrault's husband, retired Senator Ray Perrault, was also there with a victory kiss for his wife.

So where was re-elected North Van District Mayor Don Bell? A quiet little gathering in his council office was all the mayor had arranged, stating that "I don't plan parties, I think they're bad luck." It obviously worked, Bell topped the list once again, handily winning in the district. Congratulations to everyone.

* * *

UNLESS you've been living in a cave, you know that the second Harry Potter movie has hit screens everywhere. Harry mania is pretty easy to catch, even if you don't have kids. (I personally was timing it so that I didn't finish the fourth book too early, lest I too start to suffer from Harry withdrawal.) But the kids at Mulgrave knew how to make a real event of the premiere. On Monday Nov. 18, the cinemas at Esplanade were filled with costume-cladded Mulgrave students. Popcorn in hand, they filled two theatres raising over $600 for the Harvest Project. Way to go gang. That ought to make you Hogwart's champions for sure.

* * *

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John Moonen (left), WV Chamber president Dina Zeitler and David Thomas
Jo-Ann Wood (left) and Pam Goodman
The Jaye family, namely Shalan (left), grandpa Peter, grandma Margaret and grandson Ryan
They're just wild about Harry. Showing fellow Mulgrave students to their front row seats were guest ushers Ben Hatton and Chelsea Smith.
Chez Michel restaurant owner Michel Segur (left) wore his "vote for Ron Wood" button proudly.
Re-elected councillor Victor Durman (left), Mayor Ron Wood, councillor Jean Ferguson and Bill Soprovich.
Ryan Baird brought little cousin William Smallwood to the Harry Potter premiere.
Roger Latta (left), wife Suzanne, Val Pellat and husband Rob toast the Mayor's victory in West Van.
Susanne Soprovich (left), husband Bill and Erin Ronan (nee Wood).
Sophie Coleman (left), Fiona Downey and Emily Stewart were giggling in anticipation of the start of Harry Potter.
Richard White and family. Son Eric, wife Anne Marie and daughter Katherine.
NV City Mayor Barb Sharp (centre) with her mom (left) and former NV Chamber president Debbie Tardiff.
Bernie Moberg (left), NVC Coun. Darrell Mussatto, Coun. Barbara Perrault and Gary Dimock.

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