Holy Trinity Gala

Saturday Nov 23, 2002

by Catherine Barr

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HOCKEY players, rock stars, famous athletes and glamorous guests were all a part of a very busy week for many North Shore residents as the official start to the Christmas party season got underway.

First there was the Holy Trinity Gala at Capilano Golf and Country Club on Saturday night where parents and guests got together to raise funds for the school and its programs. Committee members did a great job decorating and organizing, creating a real fairy tale evening for everyone. Julie Spong, whose hubby is realtor Ken Spong, looked especially glam in sparkling black sequins (my fave), as did Misti Mussatto who, along with husband Gary, are always entertaining kids at their Park Royal Gator Pit indoor playground. They've recently updated, replacing the lets-throw-balls-at-the-shoppers "ball room" with a less tempting piece of play equipment. Shala Chandani came to the event without her handsome husband Karim who, besides being the original Esso man himself, is apparently a big Grey Cup fan and was in Edmonton for the game. And speaking of big games, the Canucks' winning streak had father/hockey player Matt Cooke and his coach Marc Crawford smiling. Marc is always an entertaining MC at Holy Trinity events and has a great selection of jokes that usually gets everyone laughing. Everyone that is except Matt who is still nursing an injured jaw. No worries, wife Michelle Cooke has the healing prescription in a homemade soup that, according to Matt, helps cures all ills.

PICT0001 Committee members Linda Tyson (left), Cathy Campbell, Andrea Picchi and Julie Spong greeted guests as they arrived.
PICT0002 Michelle and Matt Cooke posed with Matt's bobble-headed Canuck likeness.
PICT0003 Farzana Logan (left), husband Victor and Shala Chandani were missing Shala's husband Karim who was in Edmonton for Grey Cup.
PICT0004 Misti and Gary Mussatto are always busy running their Toucan Toys store and the Gator Pit at Park Royal.
PICT0005 Canucks head coach Marc Crawford, seen here with wife Helene, is always an entertaining MC.
PICT0006 Marc Crawford and wife Helen with the bobble-head version of his Vancouver Canucks.
PICT0008 Former Minnesota North Star's forward Paul Houck (left), with wife Kathy Payne and NS Realtor Ken Spong.

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