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Carole Badgley 10 Years

May 27, 2003

By Catherine Barr


Some say Carole Badgley made the Seymour Art Gallery what it is today. And now, after 10 rewarding years, the gallery's vibrant and always exuberant personality is stepping down. "An Artful Toast" in her honour was held this past Tuesday night at Cheers restaurant where over 100 of her friends and admirers came out to roast her and to wish her well -- or is that "well done".

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Seymour Art Gallery curator Carole Badgley may be retring from the gallery, but she's sticking around town for other projects.

Carole's cake.

Carole's husband Dennis (centre) and their oldest friends, namely Sandy and Ken Ito, were all speakers.

Artists Carrie Lazareff (left) and Diane Naylor toasted the occasion with actor Ray Soden, who was the perfect MC.

Gallery director Nigel Henderson (left) chatted with gallery VP/secretary Florence Allardice and her hubby Donald.

Artist Charlie Mayrs was also a speaker whose slide presentation was very well received.


catherine barr