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Keith Lynn Junior Achievement

April 14, 2003

By Catherine Barr


On April 14 Keith Lynn Alternative Secondary School hosted an all-dayJunior Achievement Conference where volunteers from the community took time to tell the kids the value of staying in school. It must be working, cause looking at these faces, I predict only success.

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Keith Lynn's Dave De Witt (left) and Rae Schidlo welcomed J.A. volunteers like Oudlum Brown broker Peter Jando.
Grade 10 students Jacqueline Fisher (left) and Michael Blakely (right) took part in the sessions with principal Woldy Sosnowsky.
"We learned about the future," said students Ashley Dale (left), Natalie Morrison and Jon Dent as they took a well-deserved break.
Caraline Lucas (left), Liz Gordon, Mahkeebah Fleming and Sarah Parsons are already busy with job interviews.


catherine barr