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BC Rehab red ribbon gala

February 14, 2003

By Catherine Barr


The BC Rehab Foundation created the perfect Valentine's evening with their Red Ribbon Gala held on Feb. 14 at the Waterfront Hotel. North Shore guests were welcomed by the BC Italian Choir, after which was served a gourmet seven course dinner. The Standing Ovation awards were handed out just before the finale which included performances by Vancouver's Three Tenors. And one Valentine winner went home with a two-carat diamond which had been placed at the bottom of one lucky person's champagne glass. Isn't that romantic?

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Seen at BC Rehab were John and Karen McPhail who are pleased to be back in West Vancouver after spending two years in Toronto.
North Van's Lianne and Rex Panther, of Brougham Interiors fame, are always big supporters of good causes like BC Rehab.
Terry Sklavenitis, of Giorgios fame, was pleased to have wife Sandina celebrate Valentine's at the Red Ribbon Gala.
Congratulations to North Van's Elaine Henderson, BC Rehab chair, who went to a lot of work to put together the perfect gala. Husband Ross was more than happy to be her Valentine.
Ev Berg, of North Van's Uncle Randy Productions, received a Standing Ovation Award for "going the extra mile" and featuring physically challenged actors in the rock opera Tommy.
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catherine barr