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Cancer Relay for a Friend

Jun 14, 2003

By Catherine Barr


North Vancouver's Mahon Park was a beehive of activity as the Canadian Cancer's Society's Relay for a Friend took place last Saturday. A miniature tent city sprung up, each one filled with friends and supporters who took to the field to make tracks for friends affected by cancer.

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Alexa Blacklock (left), Danica Cockett, Shanda Cockett and Susan Stradiotto were just four of the tattoed ladies found under North Van's RCMP tent.
Peggy Haywood (left), cuddled up to husband Bob, who just also happens to serve as a North Van City councillor alongside North Van City mayor Barb Sharp.
Canadian Cancer Society, B.C. and Yukon Division's regional manager Brenda Bailey is always happy to see a big turnout for such a good cause.
Vanleena dancers Natasha Megahy (left), Alix Mahe and Alexa Mardon entertained the crowd with their jazzy James Bond performance.


catherine barr