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Signorello Private Wine Tasting

July 20, 2003

By Catherine Barr


West Vancouver's Signorello family is world-reknown for their award-winning wines from Napa Valley's Signorello Vineyards. Last Sunday afternoon, Ray Signorello Jr. hosted a private tasting of his "King Cabs" at his British Properties home. Beautiful sunshine, beautiful wines and beautiful surroundings made for a stunning afternoon filled with class and taste.

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Lianne and Rex Panther, of North Van's Brougham Interiors, toasted the occasion with a fabulous '94 cabernet sauvignon.
Cooling off in one of the home's two private, climate controlled cellars were Ray's longtime friends, Ross and Elaine Henderson.
Giorgio's menswear owner Terry Sklavenitis and wife Sandy sipped a '97 vintage outside by the Roman pool.
He's the man. Ray Signorello Jr. carries on the family traditiion by tasting hundreds of barrels every year before settling on two or three, which he then bottles and labels with the name that counts.
Maxine Burrows and Larry Luongo, wine agents and distributors of Signorello vintages, were only too happy to welcome guests.


catherine barr