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Waldorf School Festival of the Arts

March 19, 2003

By Catherine Barr


North Vancouver's Waldorf School is where the stars of tomorrow are born. The K-12 school programs are specially designed to allow kids to explore their talents in art, music, literature and more. Add in regular school work and it becomes easy to see that these young 'uns are ready to give their all. Each spring, at Centennial Theatre, their annual school concert showcases the year's accomplishments giving parents and guests a chance to see for themselves just what the future holds.

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Taking part in "The Country Mouse and the City Mouse" were Pallas Pace (left) and Una Trevillion.
Violinist extraordinaire Nathan Chase would be without his violin this night, reciting instead a poem called "Chemical Valentine".
Thirteen-year-old Holly Von meyenfeldt played in the orchestra as mom Wendalyn acted as the show's artistic director.

The talented Daroshin family is always a big part of the festival. From left: mom Tina, son Misha, daughter Tamara and dad Walter, who also acted as the night's MC.

These Grade 7 gals were preparing for their moment on stage. Clockwise from front left: Michelle Won, Annie Trevillion, Nakyta Grimm, Holly Jarrett and Karda Rolland-Berge (centre).


catherine barr