Bar None 10th Anniversary

Wednesday Dec 4, 2002

by Catherine Barr

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HARD to believe that it's been 10 years since Bar None opened its doors, but time flies when you're having fun as general manager Ryan Macdonald will attest to. The club, which is known for attracting the A-list crowd, was once a quiet bar with backgammon tables and music. A see-through mirror in the ladies bathroom and lots of Mark Messier/Pavel Bure appearances stirred up the gossip for a while, but meeting people, live music and having fun is still what it's all about as the club continues to attract lots of familiar faces. Congratulations gang.

PICT0019 Vancouver Cigar Company's Aaron Van Pykstra was seen at Bar None with his gal, Odessa Monroe, whose beautiful Paragon Girl hostesses can been seen at many ritzy functions.
PICT0020 Former stuntman Paris Mileos and Wall Center's Diana Zoppa were both at the Bar None celebration.
PICT0021 Glamour gal Lynn Wigen started her birthday celebrations early. Meanwhile Bar None's handsome Steve Pollock was "taking care of business" as he took a turn singing with the band.

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