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Aussie BotTles and BBQ / Capones 10th

August 21, 2003

By Catherine Barr


Bottles, bangers and barbies (that's BBQ to you) were all part of the fun at the Vancouver Rowing Club last Thursday as Liberty Wines presented their 2nd Annual Aussie Bottles and BBQ event. The room was full of guests tasting the latest from down under and sampling sausages fresh off the grill.

Also congratulations to Capones Restaurant, that jazzy little joint in Yaletown, for celebrating their 10th anniversary last week. Local celebs, music lovers and fans stopped in to share the moment and toast the future.

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At Aussie: Southcorp's Tracy Holland (left), Yalumba wine's Kathy Marlin and Mark Anthony's Sherry Adams kept the glasses filled.
At Aussie: Representing vintages from south Australia were Andrew Ponsford (left), Victoria Kilpatrick and Chris Maybroda.
At Aussie: The labels for these Simon Gilbert wines were chosen from children's playing cards as Vanessa Queyranne and Allen Herman can tell you.
At Aussie: Putting it all together were the Liberty wine crew and friends. From left: Susan Fishr, Tyler Danson, Sheri Wisnowski, Robert Simpson and Lisa Petersson.
At Capones: Ten years definitely deserves some kind of reward. Head mobster Rob Gietl gets kisses for a job well done from friends Maureen Dodd (left) and Gail West.


catherine barr