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Bard Opening Night and Uncork Festival Vancouver

June 14, 2003

By Catherine Barr


Bard on the Beach is, in my opinion, one of this city's absolutely-not-to-be-missed events where true culture and true entertainment really do go hand in hand. Opening night festivities took place last Saturday with the premiere of "Comedy of Errors". A special post -performance reception gave actors and directors alike a chance to raise a glass to the start of another great season.

Earlier that Saturday, Festival Vancouver organizers hosted "Uncork the Spectacular" at the Empire Landmark to raise funds for the international music event held in August. Over 100 B.C. wines were featured as well as some talented local musicians.

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At Bard: Newly married artistic director Christopher Gaze and wife Jennifer looked extra elegant this night.
At Bard: Actor Andrew McNee (left) can be seen onstage with Donald Adams who will become Shylock later this month in "The Merchant of Venice".
At Bard: International Jazz Festival coordinator and actor Tom Jones (left) came out to see actors Sarah Redmond and Joe Ritchie on their opening night debut.
At Bard: Brilliantly talented comedic actor David Mackay takes a beating onstage and off as fellow actor Jennifer Lines reminds him who's boss.

Same as above:

Daivd Mackay (Dromio) and Jennifer Lines (Adriana).

At Bard: Rumour has it actors Torquil Campbell and Moya O'Connell fell in love back in 2000 during rehearsals of Henry IV, Part I.
At Uncork: Entertainers Don Fraser and his talented 14-year-old son Michael perform jazzy/folk songs as the duet "Swingamajig".
At Uncork: Festival development coordinator Clare Contini and sponsor coordinator Colin Jarvis welcomed guests.
At Uncork: Brothers Rich (left) and Rob Zalaudek tested their tastebuds with some of B.C's best vintages.


catherine barr