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Bfly Atelier Chile's Finest Art and Wine

March 24, 2003

By Catherine Barr


The Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year and things got off to a great start last Monday at Gastown's Bfly Atelier gallery. Chile's Finest - An Evening of Art and Wine, saw dignitaries and guests sample vintages amidst artwork by Chilean artist Raul Eberhard.

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Hector Romero, Consul General of Mexico, attended the Bfly event with beautiful Carmella Peters.
Bfly Atelier's Alexandra DiezBarroso welcomed Chilean ambassador Alvaro Zuniga (left) and Francisco Marambio, Consul General of Chile.
Kenneth Hamlin and artist Pamela Masik schmoozed with the crowd at the Bfly wine and art opening.
At Bfly, Brent Jardine was seen on the arm of the always stunning Chilean artist Luciana Alvarez who had her own art opening later in the week.
An impish grin from Bfly gallery employee Nicole Donnelly who, along with Carlos Chancellor, worked hard to set things up for the opening.


catherine barr