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Celluloid Social Club and Sugar Daddy's Opening

August 28, 2003

By Catherine Barr


The end of summer parties and events continued right up to Labour Day as the dying days of August gave way to September. But it doesn't stop there thanks to The Celluloid Social club, who can often be found screening films at Vancouver's Anza club. They finished off their summer with a packed house full of features. Meanwhile, on Davie Street, the patio parties continue thanks to the opening of Sugar Daddy's funky street side boite whose pre-Labour day martini mixer was one to remember.

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At Celluloid: Volunteer Cynnamon Schreinert (left) can be found at most events as can MC Ken Hegan.
At Celluloid:Co-producers Sarah Hettingh and Paul Armstrong love for film led to their creation of this great evening out.
At Celluloid: A. Jonathan Benny's "Outdoorsman" and Dylan Skio Smith's "Imetacanine" were two of the films screened this night.
At Celluloid: Directors Asha Gill Campbell (left) and Brendan Beiser's works were also part of the evening bill.
At Daddy's:Server Jerome Mandrake (left), chef Ryan Zuvich and server Jayden Lee perfected the menu for opening night.
At Daddy's: Clowning it up for the camera were co-owner James Steck (left) and filmaker Richad Bell.
At Daddy's: Cocktails and conversation is what it's all about as John Tino (clockwise top left), Darrin Martens, Klay Kaulbach, Eric Hoppe and Dave Farrell can tell you.


catherine barr