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HoBO Cabaret Voltaire and Karma Gallery


By Catherine Barr


Smithe Street's always funky Karma Gallery opened the doors to its newest Grand Group II exhibit earlier this month with a tribute to everything abstract, urban and folksie. Keep your eye out for more from this upwardly mobile artspace.

Meanwhile, it was a bohemian dream at the Opus Hotel on Aug. 13 as HoBO magazine, Moet and Chandon and Opus celebrated Cabaret Voltaire. Costumes, champagne and entertainment galore, including a strip-tease and trapeze artist hanging from the doorway, helped keep guests gawking well into the night.

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PICT0001 At Opus: Level Design's Mark James cuddled up to writer Shannon Heth in her fishnet top and hat.
PICT0004 At Opus: Trapeze artist Carly Sheridan swung from the doorway outside the Opus Hotel only inches from the ground.
PICT0005 At Opus: Dressed to impress. Fashionista Mary Belgue (left) and publisher Debra Dogiment brought style and class to the event.
PICT0008 At Opus: A magnum of champagne from sponsors Moet and Chandon kept Babs Lucas smiling.
PICT0009 At Opus: Willkommen, bienvenue,
Meine Damen und Herren, Mesdames et Messieurs. Actor Shaw Madson played the part of MC perfectly.
At Karma: Gallery manager Helen Siwak (left) featured artists like Sally Clark and her "Nude with mouse ears" piece.
At Karma: Photo artist Vince Jiu showed off one of his favourites, a picture of his Grandmother at McDonald's.


catherine barr