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House of Yes Fundraiser and Boys co fashion

April 11, 2003

By Catherine Barr


The cast and company of "The House of Yes" got together last Friday at the Element Sound Lounge to do some fundraising for their summer production run at the Waterfront Theatre. Lots of local celebs and artists were in attendance as the gang raised over $3,000 for their cause. Just check it out.

Meantime, A Loving Spoonful execs were thrilled with the turnout at Ginger 62 on April 9th as Hugo Boss and Glam Girl productions fashioned a special fundraiser for this very good cause.

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At Yes event: Ken Hamlin and Alexandra DiezBarroso
At Yes event: Soul Decision's Ken Lewko and actress Tara Spencer-Nairn came out in support.
At Yes event: Cast members Sam Macmillan (left) and Amanda Butler were thrilled with the turnout, as were hosts and co-producers Michelle Addison and Shawn Ayers.
At Yes event: "Just Cause" actors Shaun Benson (left) and Mark Hildreth were seen schmoozing alongside actor and Z95 radio host Chris Kalhoon.
At Yes event: Lisa Casey (left) and Sarah Edmondson were busy selling armlength of raffle tickets.
At Yes event: She's been Cher, Marilyn, Liza and more. Celebrity impersonator Tracey Bell, seen here with Gord Green, can really do it all.
At Yes event: Models Rory Coppock (left) and Paymon Torabian bite the bullet for a good cause.
At Yes event: Co-director Michele Lonsdale-Smith is looking forward to summer and the premiere.
At Hugo Boss: Loving Spoonful board members Dino Georgas (left), David Goudge and Ken Hamlin got seats near the front for the fashion show.
At Hugo Boss: Glam Girl's Janeil Mackay (left), host Michael Eckford and DJ John Stroppa kept the crowd jumpin' as the show started.


catherine barr