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Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll, Nevermind Rave

June 25, 2003

By Catherine Barr


The opening night of Vancouver Museum's "Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll" was held on Jun 25 with a themed evening full of surprises. Three very distinct exhibits: "Unmentionables", a sexy underwear exhbit (runs until Dec.), "OPIUM - the Heavenly Demon" (runs until Mar.) and the "50s Gallery" have been combined to show people that everything old really is new again.

Meantime, later that night, Kitsilano's Nevermind restaurant held its 5th Annual Summer Solstace Wine Rave. A surprisingly chilly reception at the door was fortunately not indicative of the hot tunes and good wines found inside. Ravers take note, summer has arrived.


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At Sex, Drugs: Visitors' services rep Shelley Preston's pink PJ's were a big hit. Wonder if they'll let her wear them to work?
At Sex, Drugs: Fashion freelancer Wendy Armbruster, seen here with Mike Bell, wore an authentic looking vintage corset by Melanie Talkington.
At Sex, Drugs: Barefoot Contessa's Eva de Viveiros and "Vanishing Tattoo" producer Vince Hemingson had more than meatballs on their minds.
At Sex, Drugs: Vancouver's Julie Burns (left) and sister Sarah said the sexy underwear exhibit was definitely their fave.
At Sex, Drugs: She's a walking work of art. Samantha MacKinnon, whose body is 50% covered in tattoos, and Richard O'Donnell are friends of two of the exhibitors.
At Nevermind: Danielle Kremeniuk and GM James Iranzad had their hands full pleasing happy neighbourhood wine ravers.
At Nevermind: Mike Timuss (left), Chris Musselle, Michelle Addison and Dorian Banks sipped and supped at the solstace soiree.
At Nevermind: Raving good reviews for Ryan Webb (left), Megan Scoretz and Brendon Trotter who certainly dressed the part.
At Nevermind: Thumbs up for ravers fave DJ Avi Shack who can put a good spin on anything.


catherine barr