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Thor and D.O.A. Cd Launch

May 2, 2003

By Catherine Barr


It was a Hockey/CD Release party last Friday at the Shark Club as DOA's Joe "Shithead" Keithly and Thor stopped by to promote their newest album. Their hit single "Are U Ready"
has been adopted by the Vancouver Canucks to help 'rev up' the crowd and team and has also been adopted as the theme song in the restoration of the memory of the Vancouver Millionaires. Thor whipped up the crowd by singing the song live for the fans.

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Wearing blue leather pants and a dragon-faced codpiece, Thor showed up to sing with the crowd.
Cally Chung (left) and Laura Rees got a chance to sing a little with Thor as he strutted among the fans.
Vancouver Millionaires supporters and Thor/DOA fans Lazlo Toth (left), Craig Bowlsby, Shadika Kocicka and Todd Hoeght cheered on the team.


catherine barr