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Women of Vancouver Calendar

May 20, 2003

By Catherine Barr


So do you think Vancouver is a beautiful city? Well a local husband and wife team do and now, they're marketing the city, and it's lovely ladies, to the world. The Women of Vancouver Calendar (WoVC) launch party took place last week at Fluid Lounge where the ladies signed autographs and helped raise money for the SPCA.

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Jackie Firmino (left), is a former playboy model while Kim Nadia Saide has ambitious to be a radio broadcaster.

What a way to spend a birthday. Craig Turner received best wishes from Fawnia Mondey, Annie Fleming and co-founder Sharon Fox.


Miss June, Kendall Saunders, signed autographs all night.

CEO and co-founder Tim Fox, seen here surrounded by calendar girls, moved to Vancouver from L.A. after realizing what a beautiful place it was.


catherine barr