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Yuk Yuk's Opening and BMW Children's Hospital

Oct 8 and Oct 10, 2003

By Catherine Barr


Invitations went out last Wednesday for the grand opening of the new Yuk Yuk's comedy cabaret at the Century Plaza Hotel. The new lounge features hot acts, great people and little cocktail tables with signal button lights that you turn on to get your server.

Meanwhile, Avant Garde studio, BMW Canada and Leone fashions sponsored an evening out at Granville's Skybar to support Children's Hospital. The launch, which celebrated the new BMW 5 series, attracted both the bold and the beautiful for this good cause.

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At Yuk Yuks: Carlotta Gurl, dressed as Joan Rivers, teamed up with comedy partners David C. Jones and Pearce Visser to ham it up with guests as they arrived on the red carpet.
At Yuk Yuks: Sergio and Wendy Cocchia (left), along with brother Mario have good reason to smile, their new club is already a new silly, stylish sensation.
At Yuk Yuks: No foolin', Tom Rowe (left), CTV talk show host Vicki Gabereau and CityTV's Marke Driesschen know good comedy when they see it.
At Skybar: Avant Garde fundraiser and local "Sensations" producer Jon Paul Holt welcomed Bria Carlson and guests.
At Skybar: Brothers Joel (left) and Justin Carlson teamed up with Olga Archutowska for a fun night out for charity.
At Skybar: Brian Jessel's Kari Konkin and event coordinator Chella Levesque added glam to help bring in the crowds.


catherine barr